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Nicole's Story


Nicole's Story

When I grow up I want to be a doctor, just like the ones who helped me.

Nicole was just eight years old, in 2006, when she learned that she was sick with leukemia. She had a bad stomach ache and her head was hurting.  Her mother remembers Nicole having symptoms like pain in her legs when she was four and five years old.  “She woke up crying and crying.  I would tell the doctor… they would respond ‘they’re growing pains.’ But they couldn’t see the cancer because it started in the bones.”

“Me and my family were very sad and my leukemia had me feeling really yucky. Then my parents brought me to Cardon Children's Medical Center. My mom told me that they had a special treatment plan made just for me. But I think it was all the nice people there that got me better. They even helped me with my homework.”

Nicole was treated with chemotherapy in addition to the bone marrow samples taken to monitor the treatment.  She spent two months at the hospital before being released to go home.  After being released Nicole wanted to go back to the hospital to visit her “friends.”  Her mother laughs at the thought, but, Nicole misses the other kids and nurses.

“Maybe I’ll become a doctor just like the ones who took care of me. But for now, I’m back at school doing the stuff I love, like playing soccer, swimming, and eating Italian food, my favorite.”

"I am living proof."

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