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Meet Our Cancer Fighters


Anna's Story

Our cancer fighters are living proof that our care, technology, and treatments make a difference in people's lives.

When a patient hears that they have cancer, they usually experience denial and disbelief. Our Cancer Fighters turned those feelings into the strength to conquer cancer.

Banner Health was there for them in their fights. We offer state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and surgical technology. Our transplant system is a leader in the Southwest. Our physicians and staff offer expert and compassionate care, knowing how important it is to hold someone's hand during chemotherapy or radiation.

Our Cancer Fighters relied on Banner Health, their families and their own wills to beat cancer. We hope you find our Cancer Fighters' stories as inspirational as we do.

Read about our Cancer Fighters and the battles they won:

Anna's Story Anna's Story: 
Janet's story Janet's Story:
Colon cancer
Carlyn's Story Carlyn's Story:
Ovarian cancer
John's story John's Story:
Prostate cancer
Donald's Story Donald's Story:
Throat cancer
Karen's Story Karen's Story:
Breast cancer

Hillary's story

Hillary's Story:
Ovarian cancer
Nicole's Story Nicole's Story:

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