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Should I be concerned about additional mammograms?

Dr. Nino  

Alfredo Nino, MD, is medical director of the Laura Dreier Breast Center at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix.

Question: Every time I have a mammogram, I feel like I am called back for additional views. Why does this happen, and should I be concerned?

Answer: Being “called back” can increase anxiety but it is usually just to get a better look at a certain area in the breast. This area may appear denser or have changed compared with your prior mammogram.

Keeping track of your prior mammograms is vital. There is an old saying “the gold is in the jacket”. This simply means that many of the questions a breast radiologist would have about the women’s glandular pattern could be answered by viewing her prior mammogram.

Having multiple mammograms to review with your current mammogram can potentially decrease the need to call you back for additional views as your unique pattern will have been established by reviewing the prior studies.

Reviewed February 2011

Page Last Modified: 02/27/2015
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