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What is the difference between the cold and flu?


Mandeep K. Rai, MD practices at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center.

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ASK THE EXPERT: Cold vs Flu Video - Full Transcription

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Audio:  Opening Theme Music

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Image:  Mandeep Rai, MD, speaks on-camera throughout the video.

Text: COLD – FLU
Mandeep K. Rai, MD -- Medical Director
Infection Control and Prevention -- Banner Thunderbird Medical Center

Audio:  “I’m Dr. Mandeep Rai, Medical Director of Infection Control and Prevention at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center.”

Text: Confused?

Audio: “Are you confused between differences between common cold and the flu? Many people are.”

Image: Young woman blowing nose in face tissue.

Audio: "Cold and flu are both caused by different viruses. A cold is more often associated with a stuffy nose, hacking cough and phlegm.”

Image: Close-up of face, resting, with thermometer in mouth.

Audio: “Flu, on the other hand, comes on suddenly and brings high fever, shaking chills, severe aches including headaches.”

Image: Photo of a wrecked car.

Audio: “Many people compare having the flu with being hit by a truck.”

Image: A young woman resting, yet uncomfortable, with hand on forehead.

Audio: “They experience chest pain, headaches, and long-lasting fatigue. With the flu, cough and respiratory complaints are usually less prominent but associated complications are much higher.”

Text: Prevention

Audio: “Flu treatment is all about prevention…”

Text: Immunize – Immunize – Immunize

Audio: “…so immunize, immunize, immunize.”

Image: Three generations of smiling females hug, posing for photo.

Audio: “Most people who get the flu usually recover on their own through plenty of rest and fluids.”

Image: Female napping on a couch.

Audio: “Tylenol and ibuprofen can help ease the symptoms.”

Image: Close-up of pen writing on prescription pad with pills scattered in foreground.

Audio: “Anti-viral medications are only helpful if started within the first 48 hours of symptoms so seek medical help early. It’s important to be vigilant for possible complications like bacterial pneumonia, which need to be treated with antibiotics.”

Images:  Unmade bed, Pitcher filling glass of water, Cough syrup bottle and spoon

Audio: “Treatment for the cold requires lots of rest and fluids and use of medications like cough suppressants and decongestants.”

Text: Things You Can Do…

Audio: “It’s very important during the cold and flu season…”

Image: A female coughing into closed fist.

Audio: “…to always cover your cough…”

Image: Washing hands under faucet of running water.

Audio: “…and please wash your hands often.”

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