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Ear Rocks


Thomas Sellner, D.O. practices at Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center.

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ASK THE EXPERT: Ear Rocks - Full Transcription

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Text: Banner Health Presents: Ask the Expert
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Text: Ear Rocks - Calcium Crystals

Image: Thomas Sellner, D.O., speaks on camera throughout the video.

Audio: “Ear rocks are actually calcium crystals that are stuck in your balance organ. They usually form by some kind of trauma but can also form on their own.”

Text: BPPV

Audio:  “BPPV stands for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. Ear rocks cause BPPV.”

Text: Tiny sensory hairs within the balance organ

Audio:  “There are little, tiny sensory hairs within the balance organ and these calcium   crystals can actually adhere to these little tiny hairs. And when they do, the brain gets confused because of misleading signals.”

Text: Spinning Sensation
 Fullness in ears
 Hearing loss

Audio:  “The symptoms of vertigo include the true spinning sensation, but can also include nausea, vomiting, fullness in the ears, hearing loss, and other central nervous system symptoms.”

Text: Repositioning maneuver

Audio:  “The treatment for BPPV is a repositioning maneuver in which we place the head in multiple positions in order to reposition the calcium crystals…”

Text: BPPV

Audio:  “…in a different portion of the balance organ itself. Now, because you are just moving the calcium crystals to a safer spot, it is possible for this to come back and actually does in most cases. But the hope with repositioning maneuver is that the period of time between maneuvers is extended and, therefore, there’s alleviation of the vertigo itself.”

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