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Valley Fever


Larry Spratling, MD is the Chief Medical Officer and practices at Banner Baywood Medical Center.

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Full Transcription -- Valley Fever Video

Text: This video is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered.  It is not intended to provide professional medical advice or any other professional service.  If medical or other professional assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.  Banner Health © logo

Audio: Opening Theme Music

Text: Banner Heath Presents: Ask The Expert - Banner Health © logo -

Text: Dr. Larry Spratling: PULMONARY DISEASE SPECIALIST, CMO – Banner Baywood Medical Center

Image: Dr. Larry Spratling, speaks on-camera throughout video:

Audio: “I’m Dr. Larry Spratling, a Pulmonary Disease specialist and the Chief Medical Officer at Banner Baywood Medical Center.”


Audio:  “Valley fever is a fungal infection which we acquire by inhaling the spores of the fungus into our lungs. The spores are airborne in the…”

Image: Horizon shot of dust storm.

Audio:  “…dust storms that we have, and everyone in Arizona is potentially  exposed to this illness. The good news is…”

Text: 2 out of 3 people will have no symptoms.

Audio:  “…that two out of three people who get the infection really have no serious symptoms that cause them to seek medical attention. They recover without even knowing they’ve been infected.”

Text: One-third do have significant illness. 

Audio:  The other third, though, do have significant illness and it can range all the way from…”

Text: Minor flu-like symptoms

Audio:  “…minor flu-like symptoms all the way to…”

Text: Severe pneumonia

Audio:  “…severe pneumonia and…”

Super: Meningitis

Audio:  “… meningitis.”

Text: 2-3 weeks after exposure

Audio:  “It starts usually two to three weeks after the inhalation exposure with…”

Text: Low-grade fever and fatigue

Audio:  “… a low-grade fever and fatigue. Fatigue is a prominent symptom, and it’s the last symptom to resolve when you’re getting well. And then there are…”

Text: Night sweats

Audio:  “…night sweats.  You’ll waken at night with a drenching sweat, and then…”

Text: Dry cough

Audio:  “…cough with a lot of just dry mucus at first, and then finally more productive cough with some blood-tinging.”

Image: Physician examining patient.

Audio:  “Patients see their physicians, and they’re usually thought to have bacterial pneumonia the first time; and they may be treated with antibiotics…”

Image: Physician using stethoscope.

Audio:  “…for that. But eventually, they finally get the proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Image: Physician talking with patient during examination.

Audio:  “Nearly everyone can recover from this infection with treatment except those who have…”

Text: Immunosuppressive states

Audio:  “…immunosuppressive states or other conditions that impair their ability  to fight infections.”

Image: Close-up of physician examining patient.

Audio:  “So the good news is, nearly everyone will recover.”

Text: For more health information from Banner Health experts, please visit or call Banner Health’s Physician Referral and Resource Line at 1(800) 230-CARE (2273).  

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