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C-sections and sit-ups

Clifford Goodman, MD  

Clifford Goodman, MD, is an obstetrician/gynecologist on the medical staff at Banner Gateway Medical Center.

Question: How soon after a cesarean section can I start doing abdominal exercises?

Answer: You should always check with your doctor first but for most cases it is safe to abdominal exercises as early as three weeks after surgery if you obey the basic rule of exercise – if it hurts too much or makes you too tired, stop.

Keep in mind, your stomach muscles have experienced some trauma causing them to not be as strong as before you became pregnant. Your stomach muscles had to expand to make room for baby and then they were cut during delivery.

If you listen to your body, you cannot cause permanent damage. A good form of abdominal exercise, and one you can start very soon after a c-section, is riding a stationary bike. Abdominal exercises and eating right can help you lose any unwanted baby weight. Remember to stay consistent with your diet and exercise routine in order to achieve maximum results. Consult your physician for more information.

Good luck and best of health!

Reviewed April 2010


Page Last Modified: 04/28/2010
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