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What are the risk factors for stroke?

Char Leoni  

Char Leoni, director of Nursing at Banner Baywood Medical Center

Question: What are the risk factors for stoke?

Answer: The best way to avoid having a stroke is to recognize your risk factors and visit your doctor to learn how to reduce them. The older we get, the greater our risk and some risk factors may go unnoticed for years

There are at The following are some common areas of risk:

  • Diabetics are at risk at any age and must work with their physician to keep their blood sugar levels within acceptable range and stable.
  •  People with high blood pressure are at risk and many individuals may not even know they have high blood pressure without checking.
  •  High cholesterol and lipids put us at risk. Plaques form in blood vessels reducing and sometimes completely blocking blood flow which can cause a stroke. If you have high cholesterol, a carotid ultra sound can be done to make sure the vessels supplying blood to your brain are not becoming blocked.
  • Chronic irregular heart beats can cause a stroke because of the formation of tiny clots that can travel through the blood stream to the brain.You may have an arrhythmia that has not been detected unless you have an electrocardiogram.
  • Smoking and the use of recreational drugs also put you at risk.


Page Last Modified: 01/08/2009
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