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Children and Asthma


Lourdes Laraya-Cuasay, MD practices at Cardon Children's Medical Center.

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Full Transcription - Children and Asthma Video

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Images:  Dr. Lourdes Laraya-Cuasay speaks on-camera throughout video. Child suffering from asthma

Text: CHILDREN AND ASTHMA - Acutely aware of surroundings, diets, activities


Audio:  “Children with asthma have to be acutely aware about their surroundings, diets and activities to make sure they stay away from their personal asthma triggers.”

Text: Asthma Triggers, Substances, Weather Conditions, Activities

Audio:  “Asthma triggers are substances, weather conditions, or activities that are harmless to most people but can lead to coughing, with or without wheezing, and shortness of breath in asthmatics.”

Image:  Child using asthma inhaler

Text:  Airborne Allergens: Grass, Trees, Weeds, Molds, Orange Blossoms

Audio:  “Some culprits include air-borne allergens such as grass, trees, weeds, molds, orange blossoms…”

Image: Puppy

Text: Food, Animal Dander, Dust Mites, Strong Odors, Perfumes, Tobacco Smoke, Chlorine

Audio:  “…food, animal dander, dust mites, or airway irritants like strong odors from perfumes, tobacco smoke, or chlorine.”

Image:  Asthma inhaler

Text:  Your Child Should Be Aware of Personal Asthma Triggers

Audio:  “If your child can become familiar with their personal asthma triggers, it will be easy to develop an education and treatment plan that will help them stay away from these triggers and keep them safe from an asthma attack.”

Image:  Child experiencing asthma attack

Text:  Many Children Needlessly Suffer From Asthma Problems

Audio:  “Many children needlessly suffer from asthma problems because they fail to comply with their plan as developed by a medical professional. As a parent, being vigilant with your child’s asthma plan can help your child lead an attack-free life. The end result will be a better quality of life for you and your child.”

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