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How can I keep my kids safe while trick-or-treating on Halloween?


Tracey Fejt, RN, is the injury prevention outreach manager at Cardon Children’s Medical Center.

Question: I want to keep my kids safe while trick-or-treating. What steps should I take to keep them protected and still have fun?

Answer: Many parents worry about how to make trick-or-treating memorable for their children while still making sure they are safe. Fortunately, with just a few simple steps, you can protect kids on Halloween without taking the fun away.

Parents should always accompany their children while trick-or-treating, especially if they are younger or in a new neighborhood. If kids plan to go in a group, several parents should be on hand to make sure the group stays together. Map out a safe and well-lit area, and establish a meeting point if anyone gets separated during the evening. Also, exchange cell phone numbers with other parents before heading out and arm your child with a phone, too.

Even in brightly lit areas, dark costumes can make it difficult for motorists to see trick-or-treaters. Carry flash lights and place reflective tape on costumes or candy pails. Instruct children to always walk in neighborhoods, never run between houses, and stay on the sidewalk or the very edge of the street. Most pedestrian accidents involving children occur because a child darts out into the street, so parents and children should always use crosswalks and intersections on Halloween and the rest of the year. Local residents can also remind drivers to look out for trick-or-treaters by placing signs at the entrances of streets or by sending out notices through homeowners’ associations.

Finally, even kids accompanied by a parent should be reminded of stranger danger before trick-or-treating. They should never enter a house without an adult, share their address with strangers, or get into cars. And while homemade treats may seem thoughtful and inviting, only eat candy that is store-bought and factory wrapped. Inspect all items in candy pails to make sure there are no punctures or tears in the wrapping before letting your kids enjoy their rewards from the night.

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Page Last Modified: 10/04/2012
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