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Susan Miller-Hoover  

Suzan Miller-Hoover is a Certified Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist at Cardon Children's Medical Center

Question: My 7-year-old has been asking a lot of questions lately about health issues. Is there a safe online resource that will provide information in a way he can understand?

Answer: Children are naturally curious when it comes to their health and their bodies but turning them loose on the Internet can pose many risks, including confusing medical jargon, vivid imagery and misinformation. That is why Banner Children’s Hospital at Banner Desert Medical Center now offers “Banner Kids” web pages, a special section completely devoted to answering health questions in a non-clinical and unbiased way with content specifically written for kids, teens and parents.

Banner Kids can be found easily by visiting, and entering “Banner Kids” into the search tool. The web link features thousands of medically reviewed up-to-date articles for parents, as well as animations, features, games and more for teens and kids.

The site features a comprehensive library of age-appropriate articles on a broad spectrum of topics including general health, medical problems, emotions, nutrition and fitness and first aid and safety. Plus it offers features that are unique to the way kids learn, including:

  • The Game Closet – for Kids: Fun and interactive experiments, mini-health movies, and games make learning about health exciting.
  • Condition Centers for Parents, Kids and Teens: With a focus on Asthma, Diabetes and Nutrition and Fitness, each center offers articles, printable charts, personal stories and mini-movies to help teach families about their bodies and their conditions.
  • Children’s Health News: The latest medical research and news is written for parents in easy-to-understand language.
  • Word!: Our glossary of medical terms with kid-friendly definitions can help during homework time.

As part of the web link’s debut, Banner Health is also offering free e-newsletters that can be tailored for each family’s healthcare needs. They are:

  • For new parents: Information on how to care for the new baby in the house or the one who is on the way.
  • For all parents: Another free newsletter that provides the latest news according to the ages of your children as well as health topics that you choose.

For more information, visit, Keyword: Banner Kids with your son and see if you can’t find some answers that both of you can relate to.

Page Last Modified: 08/05/2013
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