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Michael Chang, MD is a spine surgeon and practices at Cardon Children’s Medical Center

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ASK THE EXPERT: Scoliosis - Full Transcription

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Text: Michael Chang, MD - Spine Surgeon
Cardon Children’s Medical Center

Images: Michael Chang, MD, speaks on-camera throughout video.

Text: Scoliosis
Side to side abnormal bend to the spine
Not unusual to have a small amount of this curve
Diagnosis is made for patients who have 10-20 degrees of the curvature

Audio:  “Well, scoliosis refers to any side to side abnormal bend to the spine. Since it is not unusual to have a small amount of this curve, we typically reserve the formal diagnosis for those patients who have more than 10 to 20 degrees of the curvature.”

Text: Scoliosis
Many different kinds of scoliosis
Most common type is Adolescence Idiopathic Scoliosis
Teenagers are mainly affected

Audio: “There are many different kinds of scoliosis but by far the most common is a type called Adolescence Idiopathic Scoliosis, which affects mainly teenagers.”

Text: Scoliosis
Most patients will not need treatment
Patients who will progress eventually need treatment

Audio: “Most of the patients with scoliosis will go on to not any treatment whatsoever. Those who will progress and eventually need to either have some form of treatment for their condition only represent about 10 percent of the cases of scoliosis or three in one thousand of all the general population.”

Text: Scoliosis
Some forms of scoliosis particularly severe causes a variety of medical problems
Medical problems range from low back pain to constriction of the lungs
Leads to severe medical problems and difficulties being active

Audio: “Some forms of scoliosis, particularly severe scoliosis, can cause a variety of medical problems. This can range from something as simple as low back pain all the way to severe cases, a constriction of your lungs. This leads to severe medical problems and difficulty being as active as a child should be.”

Text: Scoliosis
9 out of 10 will not progress to need any form of intervention
Remaining 1 in 10 with a moderate curve may be eligible for a brace
The main treatment is surgery

Audio: “Nine out of ten will never progress to the point where they actually require any form of intervention. For the remaining one in ten, if your curve is moderate then you may be eligible for a brace. Typically, however, the main treatment for scoliosis is surgery.”

Text: Scoliosis
Studies have looked at patients before and after surgery
Patients who undergo treatment have productive lives without limitations

Audio: “Many studies have looked at how patients do before and after surgery for scoliosis and they found out that patients who undergo treatment for scoliosis end up having full, productive lives with no limitations whatsoever.”

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