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Tom Anderson, MD, practices at McKee Medical Center.

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Sports Physical Video - Full Transcription

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Image: Tom Anderson, MD, speaks on-camera throughout video.

Text: Tom Anderson, MD - McKee Medical Center

Audio:  “I’m Dr. Tom Anderson, a physician at McKee Medical Center. To participate in school sports, students are often required to have a…”

Text: Sports Physicals

Audio:  “…signed pre-participation physical, or sports physical. A sports physical involves two parts...”

Text: The Medical History, The Physical Exam

Audio:  “…the medical history, and the physical exam.”

Text: Patterns of Family Illness, Identify Conditions for Further Evaluation, Verify Immunizations

Audio:  “The medical history can show patterns of illness in your family. It’s important to be thorough when completing this because it will help the physician identify athletes who need further medical evaluation and can also verify that the student is current on immunizations.”

Text: The Physical Exam, Record Height & Weight, Take Blood Pressure & Pulse, Test Vision

Audio:  “During the physical exam the health care provider will record your height and weight, take a blood pressure and pulse, test your vision …”

Text: Heart, Lungs, Abdomen, Ears, Nose, Throat

Audio:  “…check your heart, lungs, abdomen, ears, nose and throat.”

Text: Posture, Joints, Strength, Flexibility

Audio:  “And evaluate your posture, joints, strength and flexibility. During the exam, a physician will look for life-threatening conditions and also cover a range of health topics such as…”

Text: Health Topics: Exercise Induced Asthma, Other Risk Factors for Injury

Audio:  “…exercise induced asthma or other problems that could lead to injury. This is also a time for education on topics such as…”

Text: Concussions, Testicular Cancer, Human Papilloma Virus Vaccination, Eating Disorders

Audio:  “…concussions, testicular cancer for boys, human papillomavirus vaccination, and eating disorders for girls …”

Text: Drug & Alcohol Use, Depression, Anxiety, Steroids, Nutritional Supplements

Audio:  “…drug and alcohol use, depression, anxiety, and the use of steroids or nutritional supplements. ”

Images:  Athletes in different types of sports: running, gymnastics, football.

Audio:  “Some schools conduct clinics with multiple health care providers during screenings at stations in order to do physicals for a large number of students at reduced cost. However, in these settings, a complete health assessment and detailed discussion may not be possible so you should follow up with your family health care provider.”

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