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David A. Russell, MD practices at Banner Gateway Medical Center.

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ASK THE EXPERT: Breast MRI Video - Full Transcription

Text:     This video is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered. It is not intended to
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Text:  Banner Health Presents: Ask the Expert
Text:  Breast MRI: X-ray or ionizing radiation not required, Digital technique develops a picture
Text:  David A. Russell, MD: Radiology, Banner Gateway Medical Center

Image: David A. Russell speaks on-camera throughout the video.

Audio:  “A Breast MRI is a mechanism of evaluating the breast that does not require ionizing radiation or x-ray. It depends on changing the magnetic susceptibility within the body of various cells with then evaluation of the change that occurs with the magnetism through a digital technique which then allows us to develop a picture.”

Text: Breast MRI Indications: Recent diagnosis, Staging, Problem solving

Audio:  “There are multiple indications for doing a Breast MRI. One of the most common is in patients who have a recently diagnosed breast cancer in whom we’re trying to determine if there’s additional breast cancer in the same breast or the opposite breast, and also it allows us to determine the extent of the disease for staging. It also is very good for problem solving in patients in whom the mammography or the ultrasound examination is not helpful.”

Text: Breast MRI vs. Mammography: Image generation, MRI- uses magnetic field, Mammogram- uses ionizing radiation

Audio:  “The difference between a Breast MRI and mammography primarily has to do with the way the image is generated. In Breast MRI, we do not use ionizing radiation. The picture is generated by use of a magnetic field which is digitally altered. Mammograms, on the other hand, are basically x-rays of the breast in which we use ionizing radiation to create a picture.”

Text: Breast MRI Benefits: High Risk Patients, Tend to be younger with dense breasts, Often have small cancers that are hard to detect

Audio:  “Breast MRI is beneficial to patients who have a high risk of developing breast cancer for a number of reasons. One reason is that these women tend to be younger, the breasts are more dense, and the mammography sensitivity is far less. In addition, the patients who have high risk factors may often have small cancers which are caught and difficult to evaluate by any other method. The MRI may, in fact, detect subtle or caught malignancies we would not otherwise be able to find.”

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