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Anu Nutakki, MD, practices at Banner Gateway Medical Center.

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Menopause Video - Full Transcription

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Audio:  Opening Theme Music

Text:     Banner Health Presents: Ask The Expert
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Image: Anu Nutakki, MD, remaining on camera throughout the video, speaks

Text: MENOPAUSE, Anu Nutakki, MD 

Audio:  “I’m Dr. Anu Nutakki…”


Audio:  “…an internal medicine physician on staff…”


Audio:  “…at Banner Gateway Medical Center.”

Image: Smiling mother and adolescent daughter

Audio:  “Menopause is a word that can make women cringe. The possibility of…”

Image:  Symptoms listed below fade-in as being spoken, and listed on-screen as follows:

Text: Thinning Hair, Vaginal Dryness, Decreased Libido, Hot Flashes, Sleep Disturbances, Weight Gain, Mood Swings 

Audio:  “…developing hot flashes, sleep disturbances, mood swings, vaginal dryness, decreased libido, thinning hair, weight gain and other symptoms makes menopause seem daunting.”

Text: as many as 75% of women experience  menopausal symptoms

Audio:  “As many as 75-percent of women experience menopausal symptoms and many of them suffer through them as their mothers’ and grandmothers’ did.”

Text: Seeking medical help improves symptoms and quality of life

Audio:  “Many women are surprised to find that seeking medical help may lead to an improvement in their symptoms and quality of life.”

Text: Talk to your health care provider

Audio:  “Talking with a health care provider is an important step in getting the correct information about menopause because each woman experiences menopause differently.”

Image: Grown daughter with arm around her aging mother.

Audio:  “By communicating with a physician, questions and concerns can be addressed and a health care plan can be individualized to a woman’s specific needs.” 

Image: Grandmother knitting with smiling child on her lap.

Audio:  “For some women, pharmacological therapy with hormone replacement or other prescribed medications may be an option.”

Image: Smiling mother and two sons on front porch

Audio:  “Some women believe in the benefits of herbals and supplements. However, most clinical trials have shown that these are not particularly effective in improving menopausal symptoms.”

Image:  Middle-aged couple relaxing on bench at tennis court.

Audio:  “Behavioral techniques and lifestyle changes may also be helpful for many women.”

Text: Menopause is a natural and important milestone in a woman’s life

Audio:  “Menopause is a natural and an important milestone in a woman’s life. By de-mystifying and understanding menopause, as well as having options to many symptoms, a woman can feel empowered rather than feeling a loss of control.”

Text: If you have questions or concerns regarding Menopause,
consult your health care professional

Audio:  “If you have questions about menopause, or are experiencing menopausal symptoms, please make an appointment with your health care provider.”

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