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Understanding a Hysterectomy


Elizabeth Howell, MD, practices at McKee Medical Center.

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Hysterectomy Video - Full Transcription

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Image: Elizabeth Howell, MD, speaks on-camera throughout video.

Text: Elizabeth Howell, MD - OB/GYN McKee Medical Center

Audio:  “I’m Doctor Elizabeth Howell, an OB/GYN at McKee Medical Center.”

Text: 1 in 4 women require a Hysterectomy by age 60

Audio:  “In this country, one in four women will require a hysterectomy by age 60…”

Text: 600,000 women annually

Audio:  “…with about 600,000 women undergoing the procedure annually.”

Text: Heavy bleeding, Fibroid tumors, Endometriosis, Remove cancerous tissue

Audio:  “A hysterectomy may be necessary to stop heavy bleeding caused by fibroid tumors or endometriosis or to remove cancer or potentially cancerous tissue.”

Text: 3 to 4 day hospital stay, pain and scarring, 6 to 8 week recovery

Audio:  “In the past, hysterectomy has resulted in a three to four-day hospital stay, a great deal of pain and scarring and a six to eight-week recovery. Recent technological advancements…”

Text: Smaller instruments, Less invasive, Faster recovery, Reduced pain & scarring

Audio:  “…such as smaller surgical instruments, have made the procedure less invasive, resulting in faster recovery and reduced pain and scarring.”

Text: Laporoscopic Super Cervical Hysterectomy

Image: A woman sitting with a young child lying on her lap

Audio:  “One of the newest procedures is the laparoscopic super cervical hysterectomy.”

Image: Medical team in the scrub room

Audio:  “Three small incisions are made in the abdomen through which a laparoscope and surgical instruments are inserted.”

Image: Four smiling women posing for photo

Audio:  “The uterus can then be removed through these small incisions. The biggest benefit of this procedure…”

Image:  A women holding a garden trowel, smiling

Audio:  “…is that the woman can be back to her regular activities within a few weeks. Leaving the cervix intact…”

Image:  Middle-aged affectionate couple

Audio:  “…maintains the body’s natural support system. This may decrease risk for future prolapse as well as decreasing risk for vaginal scarring which can cause pain during intercourse.”

Image:  Female hospital medical staff converses with patient.

Audio:  “If needed, the cervix can be removed through the laparoscopic methods as well.”

Image:  Mother hugs young daughter during outside play

Audio:  “These patients will still benefit from a better recovery though they will need to maintain light activities for six weeks.”

Text: For more information, CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN 

Audio:  “For more information consult your physician.”

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Page Last Modified: 02/22/2010
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