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Spirit of Women Membership Program


Join our Free Consumer Membership Program and reap the rewards.

Register to become a member of Banner Health's Spirit of Women Membership Program and you are doing more than just joining a club. You are becoming part of a support system for women of all ages that will help nurture your well-being and enrich your life. And best of all it is free.

  • Free lectures on cutting-edge health topics
  • Early notification to special events 
  • Healthy lifestyle classes and activities
  • Spirit of Women newsflash
  • Membership Brochure
  • Sign up online

Banner Health is proud to be your partner in a lifetime pursuit of wellness and the good life! For more information, contact the Spirit of Women coordinator.

We invite you to become a member. View the video below to see what you are missing

Girls Night Out Video

Join today... because just being a woman should have its own rewards. 

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