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  • Give Your Kids a Healthy Start for School
    Before your child heads off to school this fall, play it safe by adding one more item to the to-do list: checking up on his or her physical health. 
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  • How Pets Can Help your Family Stay Healthier
    When your child pleads and whines for something, chances are it won’t be good for him. But that adorable little puppy or kitten he’s been begging for could be good for everyone’s health.
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  • Power Up Your Day with a Healthy Breakfast
    So you shop for lean meat cuts, you drink fat-free milk and you've learned to love vegetables (well, maybe with the exception of Brussels sprouts). Congratulations on the positive nutrition steps you're taking! But if you skip breakfast, you're missing out on one of the most beneficial things you can do for your health. 
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  • The Return of TV Dinners: Bento Boxes for Healthy Meals
    The artful food arrangements in a Japanese-inspired bento box are a pleasure to behold—and they can help you eat more healthfully too.
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  • Debunking Exercise Myths
    If you feel like you’re swimming in a sea of trendy exercise programs, join the (health) club. What began as simple aerobics classes years ago has evolved into pilates, stepping, spinning and a host of other programs that seem to offer something for everyone.
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  • Vegetable Hide-and-Seek
    Even the healthiest eaters usually have a few places where they draw the line. Broccoli, perhaps, or the dreaded spinach. But getting more nutritious foods into your family meals doesn’t have to mean full-scale dinner table battles. With a few stealth cooking techniques, you can have them happily eating more green veggies, fiber and whole grains “hidden” inside their favorite foods.
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