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Banner Health is a leader in improving the lives of congestive heart failure patients. We are the first health care system in the Western U.S. to be recognized for our heart failure program. Our goal is to help you successfully manage this chronic condition.

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Your heart failure treatment will depend on several factors, including the cause and severity of your condition and your overall health. Your treatment will likely include:

Our goal is to ease your heart's workload, prevent further damage, and, if possible, to improve your heart's function.

Medical procedures
Some heart-failure patients benefit from surgical procedures or from procedures performed in our hospitals' catheter laboratory (“cath lab”): 

Some heart-failure medications help you live longer by improving
the way your heart pumps. Others relieve symptoms and help keep
you out of the hospital.

Healthy lifestyle
It's important for heart-failure patients to take charge of your health through better lifestyle choices, such as lowering salt intake, staying active and quitting smoking. Banner Health has experts who can help you set goals and stay on track.

We also are one of the first in the country to offer an Accredited Heart Failure Institute that focuses on educating patients so they can recover successfully at home and avoid trips back to the hospital. 

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