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Daniel's Story: Balance your life


Daniel's story

Daniel loves his work in the theater. As a director, he knows the secret for getting artists to give their best performances. Unfortunately, Daniel's heart was overperforming: his arteries were completely blocked and his heart was struggling to adjust.

After he became short of breath for several times, Daniel went to his doctor. A routine stress test showed he needed a quadruple bypass and he needed it quickly.

He got the surgery and while recuperating at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix he got a sign that his recovery would be successful.

“I looked out my window and they were hanging a banner and it said it was one of America’s Top 100 Places for Cardiac Care. I knew I was one of the lucky people, when I saw them raise that.''

Even before his surgery, Daniel had been told about the hospital's expertise.

“But what I didn’t expect was the caring.’’ One night, while recovering in the cardiac unit, Daniel went into atrial fibrillation. “The nurses were right there. When the numbers went back down, there was a cheer. So it made you think that you were more than just a number. You were somebody that they cared about.''

Daniel counts himself lucky because he avoided a heart attack and substantial heart damage. He now takes more time for himself, whether it is running stadium stairs at a local college or riding bikes with his son.

He’s trying to control his work life. He realizes he doesn’t have to do everything at work like staying late to clean up after parties.

One of the lessons that Daniel learned: “If your job is that important to you, you can’t do it when you’re dead.’’

Daniel: I am living proof.

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