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James' Story:
You can change your life


Jim - Heart Hero

For James, the care he received during and after his heart surgery,  gave him a chance to dive into a new life.

James' life before his cardiac surgery involved 17-hour work days and taking his laptop with him on vacation. There was a lot of hard work, fast food and a daily cigar or two to reward himself for getting through the day.

So, James dismissed his abdominal pain as just indigestion, popped a couple antacids and drove back to Phoenix from Casa Grande. Later that night, the pain started shooting into his arm and he had trouble breathing. Paramedics took him to Banner Thunderbird Medical Center and the next day, Banner cardiac specialists found he had two blocked arteries and installed two stents.

“I was just overwhelmed with the way people cared.’’ Nurses sat with him while he waited to be taken to another unit. “When I got into there, I was not alone.’’

Banner Thunderbird staff were also there for him during his recovery. After a 90-minute consultation with a Banner Thunderbird dietician, James changed his grocery-shopping and eating habits. “I was like a sponge, I just absorbed the information’’ 

Before his surgery, James tossed whatever looked good into his grocery cart. Now, he has the discipline to avoid peanut-butter-cup ice cream and studies nutrition labels. “Grocery store shopping has become my new hobby.’’

He also cooks for himself more, avoids fast food and passes up the cigars. Feeling healthier and more in control of his life, he's planning to resume his old hobby of scuba diving.

Another key to James' turnaround is that he works out regularly at Banner Thunderbird’s cardiac rehabilitation unit. “There, they treat you like you are family. That's one of the reasons why I will only go to Banner’’

James: I am living proof.

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