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Banner Health helps about 31,000 moms deliver babies at our hospitals each year. We know this is one of life's most important experiences, and we're committed to making it safe, comfortable and memorable for you and your loved ones.

Our birthing and maternity centers offer the comforts of home with advanced technology and qualified, supportive staff and physicians.

Banner Health uses an intelligent OB information system for improved monitoring and better record-keeping. This system, with its built-in clinical decision support, has been proven to reduce medical errors and to provide more comprehensive care for mothers and babies.

We are also an innovator in the use of peanut balls to help women's deliveries be easier and shorten the length of labor.

In our constant endeavor to ensure moms and babies in our care are safe and healthy, Banner Health has, in recent years, instituted clinical practices related to elective labor inductions.

Our Worth the Wait initiative, launched in 2011, encourages full-term deliveries, considered safest for babies. Full term is defined as the period between 39 weeks to 40 weeks and six days gestation.

To complement that, beginning Jan. 1, 2014, Banner Health rolled out a new clinical practice which establishes specific guidelines for elective inductions after 39 weeks. The goal is to ensure the best and safest outcomes for moms, if they choose to induce, rather than wait for spontaneous labor.

Following the guidelines is expected to lower unnecessary cesarean deliveries, bleeding, forceps and vacuum deliveries and shorten the length of stay in the hospital.  

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