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Mammography is the use of an X-ray to create a picture of the breast. Long considered the standard for breast cancer screening, mammography is an important component of a woman's health regiment.  The American Cancer Society guideline recommends women begin mammograms at age 40 and repeat every year thereafter.

Breast Ultrasound
A breast ultrasound is a procedure that uses reflected sound waves to view and produce a picture of the internal structures of the breast. It shows all areas of the breast, including the area closest to the chest wall. Breast ultrasound does not use X-rays. An ultrasound generally does not replace the need for a mammogram; however, it is often used to further evaluate a problem seen on a mammogram.

Stereotactic Breast Biopsy (Mammotome)
This is a minimally invasive approach to analyzing breast masses, nodules and lesions. Stereotactic biopsy utilizes digital imaging to obtain tissue samples.

Ultrasound Guided Breast Core Biopsy
It is minimally invasive approach to analyzing breast nodules, masses and lesions. The ultrasound guides the radiologist in obtaining tissue samples. A local anesthetic is used. This procedure is a more conservative and cost effective alternative to surgical biopsy. 

Cyst Aspiration
This is a minimally invasive procedure used to remove fluid from a lump often a cyst, with a needle and a syringe.

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy
The sentinel node is the first lymph node (gland) to receive lymphatic drainage from a tumor. This procedure identifies the sentinel node and can minimize post-op complications.

A small amount of X-ray contrast is injected into the breast duct and specialized mammogram views are taken to evaluate abnormalities of the duct.

Pre-operative Needle Localization
A procedure that uses very thin needles or guide wires to mark the location of an abnormal area of tissue so it can be surgically removed.  The area in question can be localized using mammography or ultrasound.  Needle localization is used when a surgeon cannot feel the abnormal tissue.

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