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PET Scan

PET is playing a major role in research on the causes of Alzheimer's disease and soon will assist physicians in developing medications to slow the progress of the disease.

You may be asked some questions before your PET study. If you are pregnant or breast feeding, a PET study may not be appropriate for you. Although the amount of radiation you will receive carries no known ill effects, we prefer not to expose a fetus or young infant to unnecessary radiation. The technician will also need to know if you are diabetic and which prescribed medications you are taking.

Prior to your PET scan, our staff will discuss your particular procedure with you in detail so you will know exactly what to expect. Every effort is made to make patients as comfortable as possible.

Your visit should last two to three hours, although you will not be in the scanner the entire time. To make your visit more comfortable, wear loose, comfortable clothing to your appointment and feel free to bring a friend or family member. At some point, your visitor will have to wait in the waiting room, however we will allow them to be with you as much as possible.

Before your scan begins, an intravenous line will be placed into a vein in your arm for the injection of the tracer. Once inside the scanner, you will be asked to lie very still for extended periods of time.

Once your scan is complete, you will be encouraged to drink fluids and urinate frequently to help flush the tracer solution from your body.

How PET Works How PET Works

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