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A hospital stay can be an overwhelming experience for an adult, let alone a child. The Child Life Specialists with Banner Children's are there to provide comfort and ease to our young patients.

Our team of specialists provide the following services:

  • Medical Preparation: Helping young patients understand what will happen during their time at the hospital. 
  • Support During Procedures: Child life specialists can provide coping and breathing techniques and provide emotional support.
  • Surgical Care: Pre-surgery tours help children and families  become familiar with the hospital before admission.
  • Medical Play: Children become comfortable by using real or pretend medical equipment and supplies to express their feelings.  
  • Therapeutic Play: Can help decrease pain, meet treatment goals, teach new skills and shorten recovery time.
  • Support for siblings: Help other young family members understand what is happening and how to work through their feelings.
  • Hospital School: The Banner Children's Hospital School brings the classroom to the hospital with our staff of experienced teachers that offer on site classroom or bedside teaching to help kids keep up with their studies while they are in the hospital.

Compliments of Raising Arizona Kids (RAK) Magazine.
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