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pediatric surgery at Banner Health  

Banner Children's provides a wide variety of inpatient and outpatient  surgical services for children. Our goal is to make our pediatric patients and their families as comfortable as possible during any procedure.

State-of-the-art technology
Pediatric surgeons at Banner Health hospitals perform many advanced surgeries often using minimally invasive techniques that can:

  • Speed healing
  • Shorten hospital stays
  • Reduce pain and discomfort

Child-Friendly Environment
We understand that a hospital stay can be frightening for a child. Our hospitals are designed to help calm children and their families:

  • Child Life Specialists: Offer pre-surgery education to comfort children before surgery and works with the families to make their stays comfortable.
  • Supervised playrooms : Places where kids can be kids, not patients. These are "safe" zones where no medical procedures are performed. Our bright, colorful rooms are filled with toys, games, art supplies, and much more. We also have pre-operative areas offer a dedicated space for children, with games and other activities to keep them occupied during their preparation for surgery
  • Treatment rooms: Because we want children to feel safe in their hospital rooms, we have a designated treatment room where all procedures – like blood draws – are done.
  • Toy closets offers children a reward after a difficult procedure or a trying day 
  • Kid-friendly food: Meals, specially selected by our nutritionists, such as pizza, chicken nuggets and grilled-cheese sandwiches on the menu for our pediatric patients.
  • Family-centered care: When appropriate, we offer one parent the opportunity to accompany their child into the operating room while their child “falls asleep” (receives anesthesia).  When this is possible, a parent is the last person the child sees before a procedure and the first person they see when they wake up.

Compliments of Raising Arizona Kids (RAK) Magazine.
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