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Banner Children’s GO KIDS!, formerly Fit Kid, is a free program that gives kids and families the tools and resources they need to maintain fun, active lives while making healthy choices to improve their overall fitness. GO KIDS! educates and motivates kids and their families to be healthier through innovative programming, fun events, informational resources and advice from Banner Children’s experts.

Banner Children’s GO KIDS! members receive:

  • Banner Children’s GO KIDS! pack
  • Invitations to participate in GO KIDS! challenges and events for chance to win cool prizes

Banner Children’s GO KIDS! parents receive:

  • GO KIDS! quarterly magazine
  • Banner Children’s eConnect newsletter
  • Access to health information and resources on GO KIDS! website to help kids excel in challenges and events

Banner Children’s GO KIDS! challenges:

GO KIDS! Food Challenge (November 1 – December 12)
Ready to dig in to this challenge? The Banner Children’s GO KIDS! Food Challenge is cooking up some fun. From candy swaps to meal makeovers, this six-week challenge is designed to help kids and families eat healthier and feel better. Ready to sink your teeth into it? Get started by printing out the GO KIDS! Food Challenge tracking materials.

GO KIDS! Food Challenge flyer 

  • Week 1: Candy exchange
    Bring your Halloween candy (20 pieces to qualify) to the GO KIDS! Festival on November 1 and trade it out for an awesome prize. The festival will take place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Mesa Community College, located at 1833 W. Southern Avenue in Mesa.
  • Week 2: Nutrition label facts
    Complete a worksheet based on the information you find on a
    nutrition label in your kitchen.
  • Week 3: Recipe
    A Banner Children’s registered dietitian will provide you with three recipes that will fuel and fill you. Pick one to make with your parents.
  • Week 4: Substitutions
    Learn about healthy alternatives for some common high-calorie foods. Swap out one this week.
  • Week 5: Beverages
    Learn about what drinks are best for growing boys and girls. Drink eight glasses of water a day for one week straight.
  • Week 6: Daily menu plan
    It’s your turn to show us everything you learned throughout the six-week Food Challenge. Create a daily menu plan for your family. Ask your parents for help if the dishes require the use of a stove top, oven or grill.

Print out the GO KIDS! Food Challenge materials 

Other challenges:

  • Fitness Challenge
    Staying active is staying awesome, especially during the hot summer months! This challenge gets kids off the couch and moving while they are on break from school.
  • Family Challenge
    We all know it is easier to form good habits if you have
    a team to support you. This challenge encourages the whole family to get involved in healthy eating and exercise.
  • Campus Challenge
    This challenge is for all Phoenix-area elementary and middle school teachers and administrators who are looking to motivate their students to get active!

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For more information about the GO KIDS! program, please call (480) 412-3230.

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