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Orthopedic and Sports Rehab

Orthopedic rehab at Banner Health  

Banner Health is proud to offer our orthopedic and sports medicine patients expert rehabilitation care to help them with their recovery and back to enjoying life.

We have a team of physical therapists, occupational therapists and certified athletic trainers who specialize in orthopedic and sports injuries.

Our orthopedic and sports medicine rehab specialists working with patients who have limited use of their own bodies due to injury or disability. Our goal is to reduce patients’ pain and increase their range of motion.

We work closely with physicians to determine the pace and expected progress of the patient as well as with patients and their families to understand their goals.

We can offer:

  • Therapeutic exercise programs to improve strength, flexibility, balance and coordination, mobility and gait training
  • Suggestions on how to reduce pain and improve function.

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