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Banner Sleep Disorders Program
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The Banner Sleep Disorders Program offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment of patients of all ages for a full array of sleep-related difficulties including:

  • Insomnia - Difficulty in falling or remaining asleep may be due to many factors including a noisy or uncomfortable environment, anxiety, chronic pain, breathing pattern disorders, certain medications and many other medical, psychological and sleep-related disorders.
  • Excessive Sleepiness - The inability to stay awake and alert during normal waking hours may be the result of not getting enough restful sleep. This may be caused by insomnia, breathing disorders, muscle twitches and many other causes. Severe daytime sleepiness may also be caused by a chronic disorder called narcolepsy.
  • Sleep Apnea - Heavy snoring is now recognized as a symptom of possible sleep apnea – interrupted or disturbed breathing during sleep. Sleep apnea may be mild, or a serious condition during which a person may stop breathing for periods up to 90 seconds. These breathing disturbances may occur repeatedly during the night, causing the person to awaken briefly, disrupting normal sleep. This causes daytime sleepiness and often strains the heart and lungs, elevating blood pressure.

Treatment by experienced sleep professionals
Our staff includes sleep technologists who are specially trained in sleep monitoring techniques, as well as physicians board-certified in sleep medicine. Specialty consultants with certification in pulmonary diseases, neurology, psychology, pediatrics and neonatology also are available to assist in diagnosis and treatment.

Our sleep professionals are involved during every step of the treatment process. In conjunction with your primary care physician, they can usually determine your best therapy needs. Most sleep-related disorders can be effectively treated once diagnosed.

The cost of sleep evaluations varies depending on your sleep problem and the type of testing you need. Since we see patients on an outpatient basis, you will not pay costly admission charges. In addition, Medicare and many private insurers cover many of our services. Check with your insurance carrier for specific details regarding coverage.
How can I be evaluated?
Patients are usually referred to the Banner Sleep Disorders Program by their primary care physician.

Once your evaluation is scheduled, the Sleep Center will send a letter to you confirming the test date, explaining pre-test preparations and the test itself as well as other special instructions.

To help make you more at ease during testing procedures, you may wish to visit the Sleep Center prior to your appointment. If you would like to schedule a visit, call the Sleep Center to make arrangements.

For more information
If you would like more information about the Banner Sleep Disorders Program, please call the nearest facility or follow the hyperlink. We will be happy to answer any of your questions - Banner Sleep Disorders Program

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