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Procedures Using Robotic Surgery

robotic surgery at Banner Health  

Throughout the Banner Health system, we offer patients the opportunity for minimally invasive surgery through the use of robotics.

Surgical robots perform minimally invasive procedures in:

  • Bariatrics
  • Heart Care
  • Gynecological
  • Prostate cancer
    • Removal of the prostate gland (prostatectomy): Robotic-assisted surgery offers surgeons a way to effectively remove cancer while allowing for the faster return of urinary continence and sexual function.
  • Urology:
    • Removal of the bladder (cystectomy): Removal of all or part of the bladder and possibly the removal of nearby lymph nodes and organs that may contain cancer
    • Removal of a small renal tumor (partial nephrectomy):  Robotic surgery allows for the removal while preserving the remainder of the kidney.
    • Removal of blocked ureter: Removes part of blocked ureter and reconnects the ureter and kidney.

Surgical robots are in use at:

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