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Myths and Truths About Concussions

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Here are several common myths you might here about concussions and the truth to these rumors:

Myth: Concussion can be diagnosed with a CT scan or MRI
Truth: Concussions cannot be diagnosed by CT or MRI scan and are not useful in making return to play decisions following.

Myth: Concussion is strictly a physical injury
Truth: Concussion is a complex diagnosis with physical, intellectual, emotional and psychological manifestations.

Myth: Concussion is only a problem in sports
Truth: Concussions do not only happen in sports such as football and boxing. Concussions occur frequently in other activities such as falls, car accidents and many others.

Myth: It’s not a concussion if you are not knocked out
Truth: You do not have to be knocked out to have a concussion.
95 percent of concussions do not result in loss of consciousness.

Myth: Equipment, such as the right helmet, can prevent concussions
Truth: Equipment cannot necessarily prevent concussions. No football, hockey, baseball, bicycle or other helmet or head gear can entirely prevent a concussion.

Myth: Baseline testing will help prevent concussions
Truth: Baseline testing is a measure of your pre-concussion cognitive abilities, balance, eye movement and fine motor skills. It DOES NOT prevent brain injury.

Myth: “You just got your ‘bell rung.’ Get back out there!”
Truth: There is nothing tough about getting your “bell rung.” Returning to play after this type of injury can result in more serious injury.

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