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Dr. Pearson
At McKee Medical Center, our hospitalist team is committed to being at the bedside, providing each patient with the highest standard of medical care.

Our hospitalists are experienced in caring for patients with complex medical conditions. We believe in collaborative team care, and we are available around the clock to answer questions, track test results, or address any concerns that might arise during your stay.

Along with our fine nursing staff, our hospitalists function as the main source of updates and information regarding your care.

Our team creates and oversees a comprehensive plan for your treatment, all the while ensuring open communication among all doctors involved with your medical care, including your primary care physician and specialists.

At McKee Medical Center, our team objective is simple - to help you get better, sooner.

Antony Pearson, MD
Medical Director
McKee Medical Center Hospitalists



Dr. Chen

Edward C. Chen, D.O.

Dr. Hipp

Naomi (June) Hipp, MD

Dr. Norman

Edward Norman, MD


Dr. Ryan Peck

Ryan Peck, MD




Nurse Practitioners:

Janna Deason, NP

Janna Deason, NP

Marciann Harris

Marciann Harris, NP

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