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Dr. Downs

At Banner Thunderbird Medical Center, our team of inpatient psychiatrists are committed to providing each of our patients the highest quality medical treatment and care available in the area of mental health.

Our psychiatrists are trained and experienced in caring for patients with a wide range of psychiatric symptoms and mental illnesses including those associated with underlying physical diseases. We work as a team with our excellent nursing staff and other mental health professionals to provide a coordinated and comprehensive approach to diagnosing and treating our patient’s symptoms and discomfort. We routinely coordinate patient treatment with our other medical specialists to provide for ongoing treatment of existing physical problems and to address ones we actually identify during admission.

Our treatment team creates and manages a comprehensive treatment plan for your treatment with the psychiatrist providing leadership and insuring coordination of your care. Appropriate communication with your primary care provider and any mental health provider in place is a priority and every effort is made to insure a smooth and successful transition on discharge back to outpatient treatment.

Our goal at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center Behavioral Health is to treat you as an the unique individual everyone is and to promote mental health as the vital part of health care that it is.

David Downs, MD
Medical Director, Banner Thunderbird Medical Center Behavioral Health


Dr. Edberg

Christine Edberg, MD

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Sarita Pal, MD

Dr. Parsons

Lisa Parsons, MD

Dr. Yasinski

Michael Yasinski,



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