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We provide the following workplace immunizations and screenings:

Flu Shots
The flu can be a serious, sometimes deadly, virus even in the workplace. Infected persons spread the virus to all those around them, contributing to illness and loss of workforce.

Flu shots are recommended annually for everyone, but especially for those with any chronic health conditions.

The New England Journal of Medicine research shows that employees who get flu shots have:

  • 25 percent fewer episodes of upper respiratory illnesses
  • 43 percent fewer days of sick leave from work

Flu clinics can be arranged at your work site from October through December. Schedule a flu clinic.

Tetanus and pneumonia vaccines can also be made available at these clinics.

Hepatitis B Vaccination
It is recommended that persons who come in contact with blood or body fluids receive the hepatitis B vaccine. Primary vaccination consists of three doses of vaccine within six months. 

Hepatitis B Post-Vaccination Testing
A blood test to determine immunity following vaccination is recommended for those at occupational risk to Hepatitis B.  Post-vaccination testing should be done between one to two months after completion of the vaccine series to provide definitive information on response to the vaccine.

Hepatitis C Screening
This screening detects the presence of the Hepatitis C virus. It is recommended for those who are exposed to the blood and body fluids of others.

Hepatitis C is one of six forms of hepatitis and is the most serious form. It currently affects over four million Americans. Most people with hepatitis C have no outward signs or symptoms. About 85 percent of all hepatitis C infections develop into chronic (long term) disease which can become life threatening.

Brief educational information is provided prior to the hepatitis C antibody blood test. The results are confidential.

Tuberculosis (TB) Skin Test
The risk of tuberculosis is an occupational hazard for those who have close contact with individuals who have tuberculosis. Tuberculin skin testing is the standard method of identifying persons exposed to the tuberculosis organism. The TB skin test requires a return visit 48-72 hours after administration to read the results.

Tetanus Vaccination
Tetanus is a serious disease that is caused by a germ entering the body through a cut or wound.  Tetanus can cause serious, painful spasms of all muscles and can eventually lead death. The tetanus vaccine also provides protection against Diphtheria. Adults should receive booster doses for Tetanus every 10 years.

Tetanus Diphtheria and Pertussis Vaccination (Tdap)
This vaccine adds protection for Whooping Cough (Pertussis) to the normal tetanus vaccine. The incidence of whooping cough is rising rapidly in teens and adults. Whooping cough is a serious bacterial infection of the lining of the breathing passages, and is extremely contagious. It causes violent coughing spasms and rarely can be fatal. Every adult should receive one dose of this vaccine.

Banner Occ Health Worksite Wellness enters immunization records into a state-wide immunization registry, Colorado Immunization Information Systems, (CIIS). For more information on CIIS, please go to

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