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Short-Term Disability

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If you are eligible, Short-Term Disability benefits provide you with 60 percent of your base salary for lost work time for up to 182 days.

To begin a leave of absence or disability claim, contact CIGNA at (888) 842-4462 (or (888) 84CIGNA), weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central Standard Time.

You begin to receive STD benefits after a seven-day waiting period that begins the day a physician certifies that the disability has begun. If you use Short-Term Disability benefits, any Paid Time Off you have available must be used to pay yourself during the waiting period before benefits begin. Once you begin receiving Short-Term Disability, you must supplement your benefit with payment from your Paid Time Off balance so that the combination of your disability benefits and payments of your Paid Time Off hours approximates, but does not exceed your pre-disability weekly base pay. If you are an employee in a facility located in a state that mandates State Disability benefits, you will first receive your State Disability Benefit.

Benefit Summary

Detailed information on this benefit such as eligibility, plan coverage, limitations and contact information can be found in the Benefit Summary.

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