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NEW FOR 2014:  

Pharmacy Included in Medical Plans 
Banner is simplifying and standardizing pharmacy benefits. In 2014, pharmacy coverage will automatically be included in your medical plan election, and will no longer require a separate payroll deduction; the medical plan rates have been adjusted to include pharmacy costs.

The new pharmacy coverage will feature one common pharmacy network, one formulary (list of covered drugs), and new co-pays or co-insurance depending on the medical plan.

Banner’s pharmacy coverage will still be administered by Express Scripts, and the network includes several Banner-operated pharmacies. Banner Family Pharmacies offer discount prescriptions for employees, dependents and physicians compared to regular pricing at our network-contracted pharmacies.

2013 Information
The Banner Pharmacy Plans provide benefits for you and your eligible dependents in the event you have covered prescription drug expenses.  Enrollment is required before coverage can begin. 

Summary Plan Description

What are the Choices for Coverage?
Banner offers you four choices for Pharmacy coverage:

  • Basic Pharmacy Plan
  • Standard Pharmacy Plan
  • Expanded Pharmacy Plan

View the Pharmacy Plan Summary Chart for a brief overview of your Pharmacy Plan options.

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Step Therapy

Step Therapy is a program especially for people who take prescription drugs regularly to treat an ongoing medical condition. The program is an approach to getting you the prescription drugs you need, with safety, cost and – most importantly – your health in mind. It allows you and your family to receive the affordable treatment you need while helping Banner Health to continue to offer prescription-drug coverage. Click here for additional information.

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Express Net Pharmacies

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Cost Savings
Banner offers members access to a network of pharmacies (Express Scripts), which may offer significant savings:

  • By selecting generic drugs over name brand drugs (save up to 75% or more)
  • By ordering long term "maintenance" drugs by mail (save up to 33%)
  • By choosing generic or name brand drugs that are part of  the 2014 Formulary List (save up to 75% or more)
  • By using the mail order option for long-term "maintenance" drugs

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Express Net Convenience
Use a participating Express Net pharmacy to receive up to a 93-day supply of your medication at a local retail pharmacy.  You won't be eligible for the mail order discount on the co-pays, but you will gain the convenience of picking up a three-month supply instead of visiting your pharmacy once a month for a refill.

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Shingles Vaccines (Zostavax)

If your physician orders a Shingles vaccine but doesn't provide injections, you can obtain an injection at one of the Vaccine Network Locations. Many Express Scripts pharmacies provide the vaccine, free of charge, to any Banner Health Plans member 60 years or older. Be sure to inform your physician after you've had your vaccine.

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Summary Plan Description
Detailed information on this benefit such as eligibility, plan coverage, limitations and contact information can be found in the Summary Plan Description (SPD). 

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