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You know your phone number, your employee number and your PIN. But do you know the numbers that could be the key to a healthy life and could earn you a wellness incentive? 

ECHO (Employees Choosing Healthy Options) is ready to help you Know Your Numbers, including blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and body composition, with a free biometrics screening. To be eligible to receive the wellness incentive, biometrics must be completed by employees and their enrolled spouses/domestic partners (DPs) by the established deadline each calendar year, with the incentive payable in the following year. Incentives for the coming year are typically announced during Annual Enrollment in the fall.

Completing a screening in 2015 can earn you a 2016 wellness incentive: 

  • If your spouse/DP will be enrolled with you in your 2016 Banner medical plan, BOTH of you must complete biometrics screenings by Nov. 20, 2015, for ANY wellness incentive to be paid. Banner University Medical Center –Tucson and South  employees will have an extended deadline of Jan. 29, 2016.
  • The costs of screenings and incentives for employees and their spouses/DPs enrolled in a Banner medical plan are considered an investment. Screenings help identify and address potential health concerns early, which we believe will help reduce our medical plan expenses in the future.

If you enroll in the 2016 Choice Plus or Select 500 medical plan and complete the biometrics screenings, you will be eligible to receive a payroll credit as a premium offset for your 2016 plan, as follows:


Coverage level       

Total contribution       

EE Only $120 ($10 month)
EE + children $120 ($10 month)
EE + spouse/DP $180 ($15 month)
Family $180 ($15 month)


If you enroll in the 2016 Banner Health Savings medical plan with the Health Savings Account (HSA), your incentive will be paid to your HSA, as follows (in addition to the 2016 base contribution Banner will make to your HSA).

Coverage level

Base HSA contribution

Wellness contribution

Total HSA contribution

EE only $300 $300 $600
EE + children $600 $300 $900
EE + spouse/DP $600 $600 $1,200
Family $600 $600 $1,200


If you complete a 2015 biometrics screening but do not enroll in a Banner medical plan for 2016, you will receive a one-time $50 wellness incentive as a payroll credit in late January 2016.

There are two options for employees and enrolled spouses/domestic partners to complete biometrics in 2015:

  • Primary Care Provider - Your primary care provider (PCP) may complete your biometrics screening and blood draw through Nov. 20, 2015. You will be responsible for all costs not covered by your medical plan, and for collecting and submitting all completed paperwork.
    Your PCP Biometrics Screening Form and blood test results must be received in the ECHO office by 5 p.m. on Nov. 20, 2015 (or Jan. 29, 2016, for Banner University Medical Center – Tucson and South employees).
  • Onsite - Free onsite biometrics screenings for employees and enrolled spouses/domestic partners will be offered across the system on select dates prior to the deadlines;  view the Biometrics Screening schedule We try to accommodate walk-ins at each screening but encourage you to schedule an appointment as we can be busy and we value your time. Individuals with appointments are given first priority.



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