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Banner Health recognizes that you may encounter unexpected personal emergencies during your employment. To accommodate these situations, paid and unpaid leaves of absence are provided. In certain circumstances, as governed by IRS regulations, your co-workers may voluntarily transfer some of their accrued Paid Time Off (PTO) to you. Eligible employees must go a minimum of one shift unpaid prior to being eligible to receive donated PTO.

PTO Donations are governed by IRS Regulations which state that in order to qualify for PTO Donations you must exhaust PTO, Short Term Disability (STD), or Workers’ Compensation payments. 

You must contact Cigna Leave Solutions to request a leave. Medical certification may be required.

Eligibility to receive PTO Donations
Based on IRS regulations, you may be eligible to receive PTO Donations if:

  • You or your immediate family member* experiences a medical emergency or other medical condition requiring time away from work
  • You are approved for a medically related leave (for your own health condition or to be a primary caregiver for an immediate family member*)
  • You are not eligible for a medically related leave, but can provide doctor certification to support the need for absence from work
  • You do not have enough PTO to accommodate the Short Term Disability (STD) seven-day waiting period (PTO Donations can be used for the seven-day waiting period for STD, but the IRS does not allow their use to supplement 60% STD pay)

Based on IRS regulations, you are not eligible to receive PTO Donations if:

  • You are not eligible to accrue PTO hours under the Banner Health PTO plan
  • You are receiving STD pay (PTO Donations cannot be used to supplement 60% STD pay)
  • You are eligible for Worker’s Compensation, Bereavement leave, STD, or have sufficient PTO to cover your absence
  • You are not able to provide medical certification related to your absence
  • You are caring for an individual that is not defined as an immediate family member*

*Immediate Family member is defined as spouse, child (includes step-children and children placed for adoption), parent, grandparent or spouse’s parent or grandparent.  Immediate family member may also include domestic partner, as long as the domestic partner meets the criteria to be covered by the Banner Benefits Plans, and the domestic partner’s children, as long as the domestic partner can claim them as tax dependents. 

How to apply to receive PTO Donations

  • Prior to applying for PTO Donations, you must contact Cigna Leave Solutions to request leave. Doctor’s certification may be required.
  • Once you have received a determination from Cigna Leave Solutions regarding your leave request, if you are eligible per IRS regulations, you may apply for PTO Donations using one of the following methods:
    • Complete the PTO Donation Application form in the Request Center located on Banner Health’s employee website
    • Complete a paper copy of the PTO Donation Application Form and email or fax to (970) 350-6624
    • Call the Benefit Operations department at (970) 350-6295 to submit a request with a Benefit Information Specialist

  • You may apply for the PTO Donation program one of three ways:
    • Complete the PTO Donation form in the Request Center located on Banner Health's employee website
    • Complete a PTO Donation Donor Form and email or fax to (970) 350-6624.
    • Call the Benefit Operations department at (970) 350-6295 to submit a donation with a Benefit Information Specialist
  • Hours will be withdrawn from your bank and applied to the recipient’s bank each pay period. 
  • Donations must be a minimum of eight (8) hours and the maximum donation is one-half of your current PTO balance.  You must maintain at least 80 hours in your PTO bank.

Questions about PTO Donations
You may contact Benefit Operations email or calling (970) 350-6295.

You can also find more information in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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