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What is Employee/Manager Self-Service?


Employee/Manager Self-Service (EMSS) is a component of our integrated computer application suite, which also helps to provide information to Payroll, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Materials Management and People Resources.

EMSS gives employees the “key” to accessing and updating their personal information in order to keep it accurate and up-to-date. This access will be provided from computers and kiosks within Banner Health facilities, as well as through a secure website from the Internet.

In addition to employee functionality, managers will be able to access information about their employees and perform some transactions in real time without the need to fill out paper forms and submit them to People Resources.

Employees will be able to view, update, and maintain their personal information, such as:

  • Address Changes
  • Emergency contacts setup/changes
  • State & Federal tax (W-4) changes
  • Direct Deposit setup/changes
  • View year-to-date pay history information

Managers will be able to view, update, and maintain the following information:

  • Status changes
  • Department/position transfers
  • Salary changes
  • View information about your employees

The implementation of Employee/Manager Self-Service is important in achieving our mission of providing excellent patient care by giving us the opportunity to focus on working:

Smarter - Save time!
Faster - Simply go online to make changes instead of going to the People Resources/Payroll office and/or searching for the correct form.
Better - Employees are responsible for the accuracy of their information.
Together - Employees and Managers have direct access to People Resources/Payroll information.

EMSS Project Team
The EMSS Implementation team includes representatives from Arizona and the Western Region facilities, including members of People Resources Business Analytics (PRBA), Payroll, People Resources, and Information Technology.

In addition, a Task Force has been established to provide input into the EMSS process, particularly in the development of manager process flows as part of the implementation model.

Since the project inception, more than 100 people from across the system, including clinical and administrative staff, have participated in visioning, design, and testing sessions.

For more information about the project, e-mail the EMSS Team.

EMSS Requirements:

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