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   Coleen's Story  

When I entered the hospital (Banner Baywood Medical Center) on Sunday morning (Dec. 18, 2011), I was suffering from facial cellulitis with its accompanying pain and discomfort. I was extremely miserable and looked as if I had lost round 1 of a boxing match.

I arrived on the 6th floor and became “Patient - 600 – Bed 2”. That designation was replaced with personalization and dignity very shortly after my arrival.

The nursing staff immediately introduced themselves one by one and each asked what I preferred to be called. It was such a comfort to be nursed by individuals that make one feel like a person and not just a patient. This was step one in my healing process.

Each member of the nursing staff treated me with respect and genuine concern. My questions were addressed with honesty and explained to my satisfaction. My personal needs were attended to in a timely manner and always with smiling friendly faces.

I have nothing but admiration for both my doctor and for the nursing staff of 600 North Floor. I have absolutely NO IDEA how each of you stay so positively focused day in and day out with the requirements of your jobs. The professional dedication that was shown to me was awe inspiring – I shall forever appreciate the service that was given to me over the five days I was in your care. Sincerely, Coleen

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