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   Connie's Story  

I recently had the pleasure of visiting my father daily at Banner Boswell Rehab (bed 212-2) during his stay from Dec. 10 to Dec. 22.

He had experienced medical problems, had been hospitalized for eight days, and needed to regain strength and mobility before returning home. I would like to thank the entire staff for their kind, helpful, friendly, compassionate, energetic, positive, encouraging, wise care.

I cannot say enough about the treatment my father received. Everyone we met was wonderful. The lady who cleaned his room daily, the two women who took his meal orders on computer, the staff of the dining room who served his meals in that wonderful environment, the aides in light blue scrubs, the LPNs in royal blue, and the RNs in navy, and the therapists in brown were all so helpful. I must not forget that the doctors in white were also excellent.

Dad was in pretty rough shape when we arrived--having been through an ordeal followed by five days in intensive care on bedrest.

He was weak and sore--he could barely stand up, couldn't get to the bathroom, or get into bed unaided. His first attempt at walking got him only from the bed to the door of the room. 

I am so thankful they let me be there and observe all of dad's care because I learned so much about how to continue caring for Dad once we got home.

 You are all angels! 

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