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   Dan's Story  

I was working the 2011 Spring Training games with 50 other individuals in Phoenix when I came down with what was originally thought to be an ear infection at another facility. That facility sent me home with a script and, well, it turned out to be the wrong diagnosis!

After severe swelling set in, my uvula got stuck on the back of my tongue, requiring a call to 911 and a trip to an intermediate facility who transferred me to Good Sam (Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center) after doing a CT scan to pinpoint the problem.

The next day, the ear-nose and throat doctor arrived and after a conversation, drained the abscess and was very polite and professional about the whole thing.

Later on, though, the fever I was suffering skyrocketed and when it peaked, it caused severe shivering (I thought I was having convulsions) set in. During that time, panic started to set in and two folks, one a nurse, the other a transporter, took the time to take my hands and started talking to me to help calm me and assured me that everything would be all right.

After about 30 minutes, the shivering started to settle down enough that I was able to relax. I was moved to a room shortly afterwards and was well treated by the nursing staff who listened to my minor objections on medication (some leftover fears from the shaking episode) and allayed any lingering fears. They were even nice late in my stay when they startled me by turning on the lights at 4 AM and were able to get needed labs drawn with more limited light.

 The doctors were also very friendly and professional and answered my questions to the best of their ability. They even asked me to delay discharge to look into another issue or two. One was as expected in the ultrasound and the other is still being medically confirmed (diabetes). Thanks, folks at Good Sam, for your hard work in treating me. May God Bless You in your endeavors!

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