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   Wendy's Story  

I was admitted to Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center in Jan 2012 for what I thought might have been a heart problem.

It turned out that my thyroid levels were so low that it was causing severs issues throughout my body to include low magnesium levels I also have no parathyroids, so my calcium levels were very low.

I felt as though I was going to die. I hurt, my heart was beating out of control and I looked like I was ready to leave this world. The doctor on call happened to be one of the most caring, and fantastic doctors I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Dr. Dai was amazing. She really felt as though she understood an found the problem rather quickly. In the past no other doctor could treat me so fast and effective. Dr. Dai was completely amazing. I am at lost of words to describe the care are I received from her. 

She comforted me when i become upset because of the pain and every morning would arrive just after I ate breakfast with a smile on her face. I love her tone and her accent even intrigued me. 

I wish she would have been on call the other times I have been admitted. Before her, I felt as though I had been wasting my time. I truly feel that she made me well again and really sent me home in the right direction, with a solid understanding of my condition. I am completely impressed. Good job Banner for catching this one.. She is a true blessing,

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