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   Enid's Story  

I was with the same cardiology group for 12 years. I was heartbroken to learn from my insurance that I needed to seek cardiology care at a Banner facility.

As heartbroken as I was, the trip to see the cardiologists and the Cardiovascular Institute in Greeley, Colo. is what kept me alive for one more year. Due to the spectacular care of James Beckmann, MD, and many other physicians, nurses, therapists, and CNAs, I was able to walk out of the hospital and home to my six grandchildren, two daughters and son-in-law, to say nothing of all my friends and co-workers.

Dr. Beckmann was very thorough about his treatment of me. . . He treated me as a person with feelings and a brain. The nurses, CNAs, therapists, everyone treated me with such kindness. They were very caring toward my family. They cried with me when I cried and laughed with me when I laughed.

I am now preparing to go back for another procedure, and although I am apprehensive I look forward to seeing my friends and know that somehow they will do their best to give me one more year of life.

Thank you North Colorado Medical Center and everyone who works there.

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