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   Jorge's Story  

My wife was schedule to have a Tilt Table test at Banner Heart Hospital in Mesa today.

When it comes to hospitals, my wife would rather have a tooth pulled. Needless to say she was very nervous and clearly under a lot of anxiety about the procedure. This is where the story begins.

Enter Nurse Bessie with her relax edand friendly disposition, she quickly picked up on my wife’s nervousness while explaining to us the upcoming procedure and seemed to adjust her explanation in a way that helped reduce my wife’s overall anxiety levels.

When the procedure was over, Nurse Bessie continued to monitor my wife’s recovery while providing her with the necessary voice of reassurance.

I could not have asked for a more professional and knowledgeable nurse if I had thought of asking for one. Nurse Bessie is truly an asset to Banner Health and the community she serves. Thank you Nurse Bessie.

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