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Jo's Story  

On Feb. 16, 2013, I received a call from my son that he was in the emergency room at Banner Desert Medical Center for kidney stones. Two hours later he said that he was going to emergency surgery and would call when he got out.

Later that evening, I found out that his blood pressure dropped during the surgery and they had to do CPR for 10 minutes and he was in cardiac ICU on a ventilator and could they get my permission for more tests, etc. They said he was doing well but to get there as soon as possible but keep the phone by my bed.

I got there the next day and from the minute I got to the ICU they were so happy to see me, called the urologist immediately so I could find out what happened and then showed me where everything was.

The nurses on that floor were absolutely amazing. From the minute I walked in to the minute they moved him to the cardiac unit for recovery they were supportive and answered every question I asked.

Out on the 4th floor - 4D I think - those nurses were just as wonderful. I was so amazed at the size of the hospital, that every patient has a private room and that they took the time they needed to care for him and also support me.

I came back to Georgia telling everyone what a wonderful hospital Banner Desert Medical Center was.

He is back in there again today and I am so happy that the ambulance took him to your facility as I know he will get the wonderful care he had back in February. Thank you so very much.

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