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Jessica's Story  

My father Giacomo Poli passed away in your intensive care unit on April 8, 2012.

I wanted to commend your employee John Wright RN for his compassion and care for our entire family during the course of that day.
It is never easy for a family to make the decision to take a loved one off life support. We were fully aware that my father's condition was such that he would not survive long once we made this difficult decision.

My father had been on the machines for three days, his wife, my stepmother, was having a very difficult time letting him go, we all had hope, yet the family watched as my father's body deteriorated.

When we arrived on the morning of the 8th we were greeted by his nurse John Wright. John had tears in his eyes as he explained how rapidly my father's condition was worsening. He was gentle and kind and above all professional in his guidance. He reassured us that he would be there to personally insure my father would suffer no pain should we make that choice.

He recommended we gather the entire family, he called the chaplain, he arranged a cart with refreshments (my stepmother is diabetic and had not eaten well in days) for the gathering family. He gave us the space, comfort and time we needed to come to the decision that needed to be made. He was our angel on that day. My father passed with dignity, grace and in peace with his family at his side.

Though it will always be one of the saddest days of my life, I will never forget John and what he gave to us on that day. I thank you sir, you have the respect and love of the Poli family. You will always be in our thoughts. May your life be filled with the blessings and love you gave us that Easter Sunday.

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