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   Jay's Story  

I was hunting in Colorado during December. A shotgun slipped from the hands of my hunting partner. The shotgun went off less than 6 inches from my right hip.

My wounds included most of my right hip bone gone and some of my large intestine were taken out.

I had three surgeries in a week (at North Colorado Medical Center). I was in the hospital for three weeks. One week in ICU and 2 weeks on the 4th floor.

During my stay in the ICU, a nurse named Adell took care of me. It was very foggy, but I do remeber she was outstanding, knew what I needed before I had to ask. I felt very close to Adell and I knew I trusted her very much.

I was then transfered to the 4th floor for the next two weeks. My nurse was Camille. She took such great care of me. I was unable to walk and she was there for pain and helping me in everyway she could. The first time I got into a wheelchair to go outside, she cried she was so happy for me. She helped my wife sleep in my room, answered any questions, and I felt she took care of me beyond anyone's expectations.
Every single person at the hospital was very friendly and caring. The ladies who came in to take the trash out of the room, would always ask me if there was anything they get for me.

Dr. Haley pieced my hip back in place for me. At the time and due to my injuries, he said I would never walk without a cane for the rest of my life. Three months after the accident, I am starting to walk again, I feel he did such a great job, I will be able to walk without a cane.

I feel so close to my doctors and know they did such a great job. However, my heart will always be with Camille and Adell. I still get emotional when I think about them. Both nurses took such care of me and I just know I will always have a special place for them in my heart. I just don't have the words to express to them how much they helped me and how much they will always mean to me.

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