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Mary Anne's Story  

Webb Miller was involved in an accident that required emergency surgery for internal bleeding. Given his age of 83 and long heart history, we as his family are always worried.

He was first in the ED where Dr. Stinett made a wonderful first impression, calming any fears that this could or would be okay, and that he would do his best.

While dad was in surgery, a volunteer (Marlow Krein) stayed with mom and helped her through every step from the time she walked through the door. At times we seem to think we can handle things and be independent but it's clear stress and shock get the best of us. Having the volunteers be there was immensely helpful, especially when a person is alone until family or friends can arrive. Thank you to the wonderful volunteers who do this.....Marlow and Gina!

Dad was then transferred to the ICU where his first nurse (night shift) named Tim took care of him. My mother was overwhelmed with worry but set at ease and brought to tears when she saw Tim stroke Dad's hair and say, "It will get better buddy." He talked to dad and treated him with the utmost compassion, all while he lay there with a vent and tubes everywhere. Mom knew whatever was going to happen would happen and that Tim was doing his best. She knew dad was in tremendous hands and that was all we could ask.

After his stay in the ICU, dad was transferred to the 7th floor, where we had the most wonderful nurse, Niki Salazar. We had her for four days straight and when she came back after a few days off we requested her again. Not only is she extremly fantastic at her job, she is wonderful with the families. Each day she took care of dad, we knew he once again had the best. She always knew his information and kept us updated all the time. If we asked a question, she always gave us answers. She is fun and upbeat and very honest.

Dad later had some complications of blood clots in his lungs but we were not worried when we left him under Niki's care. When it comes time for discharge not only will dad have separation anxiety but his entire family will too.

The last person I would like to mention is Beatriz with housekeeping. She came in each day and cleaned the room but also smiled and asked how dad was doing every time. Beatriz is such a genuinely wonderful person, we looked forward to seeing her daily. Dad's room sparkled when she left and she always made us smile.

All of the people we wanted to bring to your attention are fantastic at what they do but what they did for us is not taught in text books or on the job training....It is simply who they are. You have wonderful people working at Banner Baywood. Please treat them as wonderful as they treated us!

Sincerely, Webb Miller's Family

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