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Take a moment to share your story of healing at Banner Health with others. 

It's a way to inspire others and thank those medical professionals who cared for you during your visit. Thank you for sharing your story.

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Tiffany's Story  

I had all of my reproductive organs removed on a Monday morning in April. Left that hospital Tuesday midday. By the next day I was in my nearest ER. with 103 fever and blood pressure that made the triage nurse call the cardiac unit.

I was taken by ambulance to Banner Thunderbird a few hours later.

The first thing I noticed on my way in was how clean and nice it looked.

I had my own room. I had the best nurses I could have hoped for. They were the ones that came in every few hours to ask about my pain level instead of me calling.

I was pretty out of it the first couple of days and they did everything possible to help me. I was amazed when I realized all they had done for me when I started feeling better.

My nurses assistants would periodically check on me to see if I wanted anything. And they had volunteers who came in just to pour my water. 

And the nurses were so kind to my hubby mom and kids. Thank you so much for making a bad situation something myself and family can be grateful about.

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